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Current Electricity

by Pallab Saha

12h 10m 15s

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About This Course

Current electricity is defined as the flow of electrons from one section of the circuit to another.

The current electricity whose direction remains the same is known as direct current. Direct current is defined by the constant flow of electrons from a region of high electron density to a region of low electron density. DC is used in many household appliances and applications that involve a battery.

The current electricity that is bidirectional and keeps changing the direction of the charge flow is known as alternating current. The bidirectionality is caused by a sinusoidally varying current and voltage that reverses directions, creating a periodic back and forth motion for the current. The electrical outlets at our home and industries are supplied with alternating current.

Topics for this course

1 Lessons12h 10m 15s


What is Current?3:15

Electrical Field


Electromotive Force(EMF)

Measuring Current, Voltage, Resistance

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